Parent’s Testimonials

We started taking our son here a few months ago and we couldn't be happier with Tamara and her staff at Happy Children. She is so wonderful with him and you can tell she really loves working with children. She is constantly working with him on his developmental milestones and he is always happy when we drop him off.

Damion Volheim - child in toddler program

I cannot say enough good things about Tamara and Maria. We had a hard time finding a place we liked and since our son has been here, our lives have dramatically changed for the better. Our son started at around 15 months (he's 21 now) and he has learned so much Spanish, and she has him using the potty 4 times a day (at daycare only... we can't get him to do it at home,) and eating all sorts of foods. EVERYTHING is organic, and are so patient and kind and sweet with the kids. They check in on him when he's sick and I love talking with them when I pick him up. They feel like family and I trust them wholeheartedly. It's also incredibly affordable which is obviously a huge plus. They play outside all the time and do so many fun projects. Every day I get a new piece of artwork he made, like binoculars out of old toilet paper rolls, or a sweet mothers day photo that made me cry. We love it.

Stephanie B. - child in toddler program

Tamara is great with my daughter Milaney, she learned so much. I loved that she provides a very healthy and organic menu. she teaches them gardening and gets them to eat vegetables. She also does tons of activities that the kids enjoy. I also love that she speaks to the children in Spanish. Thank you so much, Tamara, for being a wonderful person.

Wendy Mora - child in toddler program

There are not enough words to say how great Tamara is with the children! My daughter Jiselle just started at Happy Children 3 weeks ago and she is doing GREAT! She is even eating all the healthy meals Tamara prepares and is on a daily routine for napping. I love that the children learn and have fun at the same time. Happy Children is awesome!

Vanina Rivera - child in toddler program

We absolutely love Tamara and Happy Children. This is the perfect at home daycare for us. Our daughter is truly so happy to come here every morning. Tamara is warm and caring, and we are completely at ease knowing that she is caring for our daughter. We really like the good mix of indoor and outdoor activities. There is a huge front yard where she has games and activities set up and across the street is a park with a water feature, so we leave a bathing suit. The curriculum is great, as she is learning new things every day and Tamara tells us how she is adapting activities to her ability and interest. The food is home cooked and organic, and our daughter especially likes the food. She comments on it a lot, which is great that it is healthy and she eats a lot.

One of the most important features is that this is Spanish immersion, so our daughter has finally started speaking Spanish again. Tamara's English is great, she is bi-lingual, so we have good communication. It is so comforting to know we can be having a bad day at home, and I tell Tamara and she is able to help and turn it around. This is so much more than kids just playing and being watched, Tamara is thoughtful about each day and what kids are learning. The price is very good, too.

Jennifer Thompson - child in toddler program

Tamara is very great with my son Rupert. He started a little over a month and I've seen a positive change . He has learned so much in such little time, I'm excited to see what he learns next. She provides a very healthy and organic menu. She also does tons of activities that are very unique. Rupert looks forward to going everyday.

Every mother is hesitant on who they have watching there children but I have no hesitation when it comes to Tamara. My child comes home happy, clean, and well taken care of and she speaks to the children in Spanish. Which is a bonus.
Thank you Tamara.

Diamaris Q - child in toddler program